Welcome to the MathsCraft Curriculum!

What is MathsCraft?

MathsCraft is not a set of problems. It is a way of going about engaging humans with mathematical thought.

It encompasses a set of behaviours, and beliefs about what is useful to people trying to have ideas.

It’s about giving students the chance to have ideas for themselves, and to approach problems in a way that comes naturally to them. This means choosing problems – and their presentation – in a way that allows any student to have their own ideas about them, and pursue those ideas to somewhere fruitful (at least some of the time).

It means letting the student choose the approach and tools they are comfortable with, and then challenging them to use those tools to build mathematical arguments that would convince the harshest critics.

MathsCraft problems are designed to ignite curiosity and encourage exploration – the starting point of any mathematical adventure.

One teacher’s MathsCraft journey

Maths teacher Kathy Harrison describes her MathsCraft journey