Moderation and Certificates

You can choose one of two types of certificates for your students:

Participation certificates certify that the students participated in the MathsCraft Curriculum.

To receive participation certificates for your students, please provide us with a list of student names and year levels. Excel format is preferred. Lists can be emailed to

Graded certificates also state the grade that each student achieved.

To receive graded certificates for your students, you must first assess them, then submit your assessment for moderation. For more on the moderation process, read on.

N.B. Names and year levels will be printed on the certificates as supplied, so please ensure they are correct.

Moderation process

To submit your assessment for moderation, please provide:

  1. A completed Grade Summary sheet (available below), and
  2. Scans of each group’s or student’s work.

These can be sent as an attachment to

1. Grade Summary Sheet

In the Grade Summary sheet, you will be asked to provide:

  • Students’ names and year levels
  • An indication of which students worked together (if applicable)
  • A summary of each group’s or student’s mathematical behaviours
  • A recommendation for their final grade.

2. Scans of student work

Scans of the work may be from the assessment problem only, or also from earlier problems that you wish to include as supplementary evidence.


  • Create a separate file for each group. PDF is preferred.
  • Work should be legible and in the correct orientation.
  • Filenames should include the group name and the group’s grade, e.g., “Group1_Competent.pdf”

By submitting your students’ work you give us permission to reproduce it for promotional and analytical purposes. We will redact any identifying information before reproduction.


Assessment should be submitted by the Friday following the end of the second term of the program.

Certificates for each student will then be posted to your school during the term following the program.

(If needed earlier, for example for a graduating class, please contact us at the beginning of the program.)