The MathsCraft Curriculum is a companion to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. It is a structured program that supports you to successfully engage your students in doing mathematics.

This curriculum is designed to take 6-10 hours of class time across two consecutive terms.

MathsCraft is not just a set of problems.

It is a way to engage students with doing mathematics, using tools they are already operational with.

Key Principle: Being Operational

For someone to be operational with a fact, concept, process or association means two things:

  • it can come to mind prompted only by the problem being considered; and
  • the person is confident in its use and can use it to good effect.

A MathsCraft adventure is considered to be appropriate for a student if there is a reasonable chance that it will occur to them to use the required tools and/or ask the required questions, independently of the teacher’s input. For many students, this is most likely if the relevant facts, concepts, processes and associations were first learned some time before they engage with the adventure.

Such a situation is not dissimilar to the way research mathematicians work. Research mathematicians use mathematics with which they are operational, to work on problems that are previously unsolved and not yet understood by anyone.